Work abroad – read on

Either way, there are lots of jobs to be had all over the world. Some countries, for example Australia and New Zealand positively welcome, with open arms, overseas additions to their workforce.

A good starting point is jobsabroad.com. You can select the country that you would like to find work in and the job category that you are searching for work under. With a myriad of job categories and every country listed, the job best suited to you in the country that you desire really must be there somewhere! Whether it’s teaching, medicine, nannying or carpentry, there are countless of opportunities out there.

Other places you can start your search for an overseas job are gumtree.com – a website you can post information on for free and where you can find just about anything, or expatforum.com – a similar website aimed specifically at British expats moving overseas or looking for jobs abroad and where registered members can communicate with one another via the forums to seek advice or helpful hints.

Working abroad is an exciting challenge – the world is your oyster!

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