With an MBA, jobs are better paid

A professional business qualification can make a major difference to your career prospects. In a very competitive recruitment market, it pays to have the best academic credentials. For candidates who are equipped with an MBA, jobs are often easier to find, and will start at a higher salary level.

The MBA is becoming a more popular qualification in UK universities. Around 14,000 MBAs graduate from UK educational establishments every year. Salaries range widely according to industry and managerial level, but on average an employee with an MBA will be paid at least £60,000 a year.

An MBA demonstrates a wide range of skills to an employer. These include academic rigour, the ability to analyse business situations,communication skills, self-motivation, teamwork and leadership. An MBA course is structured to hone skills and disciplines required in management.

A substantial number of MBAs are sponsored by employers, so there is usually an initial return to the company, perhaps at a higher salary level. Subsequently, career opportunities are greatly increased.

In the past the largest recruiters of applicants with MBAs have usually been major financial and consultancy companies. That profile is changing, with MBA jobs just as likely to occur in pharmaceuticals, diverse industries and the public and voluntary sectors. Even teaching is welcoming MBA graduates, with a head teacher needing to employ many of the skills of business management.

For an idea of careers that can open up with an MBA, check websites like MBA Match (mbamatch.com). The site specialises in MBA jobs search and career development guidance for MBA graduates and students.

The site at mba-direct.com is owned by the Financial Times, but is not restricted to finding MBA jobs in the financial sector. A free subscription allows you to receive personalised email job alerts, add a name-confidential profile, and stay in touch with the international MBA job marketplace.

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