Winter Wonderland jobs Hyde Park London

If you are in London and looking for work through all the festive season, why not take a look at the vacancies on offer at this amazing location? Winter Wonderland jobs at Hyde Park, London are being advertised right now, and with the new, revamped edition of the event ready to awe visitors from 22 November 2013, you'd better hurry up and seize the chance.

All the vacancies

Winter Wonderland jobs Hyde Park London are currently being advertised on the media. These always prove very popular positions, so make sure your CV is spot on and updated and apply as soon as possible. All job positions will last 6 weeks, starting mid November 2013 and ending mid January 2014.

Ice Marshalls

There are vacancies as Ice Marshalls, who are responsible for 'patrolling' the ice skating rink. Applicants must be very strong skater with a good sense of balance and timing. Also required are good customer service and communication skills, as well as lots of patience and self-discipline. Successful applicants will be subject to a skate test before confirmation of employment.

Skate Allocators

A Skate Allocator help scustomers in a professional and friendly manner to exchange their own shoes for Ice Skates. Excellent customer service and communication skills are a must for this position. This will be a full time job, where 5 days per week including weekends are required.

Box Office Staff

Box Office Staff are the first point of contact for our customers, therefore this role is very costumer focused and requires friendly, professional and approachable manners. If you are experienced with cash handling in very busy environments, then this role is for you. This will be a full time job, where 5 days per week including weekends are required.

Bar Staff

As usual, Bar Staff is expected to be friendly, professional and willing to work under pressure in a very busy environment. Cash handling experience will be advantageous, but not essential for this role: in fact, all training will be provided. All you need in order to apply for this role is some experience with customer care and a positive attitude.

How to apply

For all the above positions at Winter Wonderland jobs Hyde Park London, applicants must be able to work at least 35 hours per week to include some availability over weekends. You must be 18 or over and eligible to work in the UK to apply. Also, you must be willing to work in an outdoor winter environment. Apply as soon as possible through this link:


Good Luck!

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