Do Winter Wonderland Jobs in Cardiff Sound Good this Christmas?

For those of you living in and around Wales, Winter Wonderland jobs in Cardiff gives you the chance to earn some extra cash to go towards your Christmas expenses. There are temporary seasonal jobs available at Winter Wonderland in a variety of postions so lets take a look at the type of jobs being advertised.

Seasonal Work

Christmas is approaching and as with every festive season, a number of teporary jobs become available . At Winter Wonderland, a number of jobs in Cardiff are up for grabs. This year Winter Wonderland is situated at the Civic Centre and among the highlights in store is the 60 meter high Sky Ride and a huge open air Ice Rink. There are plenty of tented restaraunts and watering holes too dotted around the Civic Centre so families are guaranteed a memorable experience.

As for seasonal work, there are currently positions as general Ice Rink Staff based at the Winter Wonderland ice rink in Cardiff. In this job you will be responsible for ensuring patrons skate in a safe manner. Visit www.gumtree.com and enter Winter Wonderland as your search term to view these positions. Alternatively, you can view the seasonal positions at www.simplyhired.co.uk.

Another seasonal job that you can apply for through www.gumtree.com, should you have photography skills, is as an Events Photographer. Safelight Images are currrently recruiting for a photgraphy team that will be based at Winter Wonderland in Cardiff from the 14th of November to the 6th of January. Applicants for this job must own their own DSLR camera and it pays £6.50 per hour.

Extra Cash for the Winter

The key to getting yourself one of these positions is getting in your application as early as you can in November so get cracking today. If you are having trouble securing Winter Wonderland jobs in Cardiff through Gumtree and Simply Hired then the company that operate the event is Sayers Amusements. Visit sayers-amusements.co.uk and contact them directly about positions at Winter Wonderland.

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