Wind Farm Jobs in the UK

The UK leads the world's turbine energy; almost half the world's offshore windo turbine energy comes from the UK coastline, contributing to the growth of the industry into a £20billion per year market. Wind farm jobs in the UK consist mostly of working for private companies or as a freelance technician working for various companies and maintaining the systems.

What qualifications do I need?

There are many roles for wind farm jobs in the UK that require various still and qualifications. You should aim for one particular position when you leave education and think about what kind of additional qualifications each role requires - some advanced technical roles may require a specific degree or a number of experience years.

For craft and technician careers, you should focus on technical qualifications. Usually, after GCSE, a training course of NVQ in a relevant sector is required. If you find a firm you want to work for, ask them about apprenticeships or training positions. For graduate positions, core STEM degrees are required by most companies. A renewable energy related module would be ideally suited before applying.

What kind of environments are available?

There are two kinds of places you can work at in wind farm jobs in the Uk. The first includes working at sea, which requires fitness, stamina, preparation and the drive to work in potentially harsh conditions.

These roles are reserved for technicians and craftsmen who have the ability to be safety conscious and focused.

There are also offshore positions, which includes working with certain industry opportunities to develop new strategies, manufacture materials on operation sites, manage and plan operations or even contribute to engineering design. These roles are usually reserved for graduates.

Where can I find jobs?

You can find wind farm jobs in the UK by visiting the leading providers or renewable energy; they'll frequently post new vacancies, training programes and graduate schemes for anyone interested in applying. Some of the top job sites for wind farms and renewable energy include:

Windindustryjobs.com/careers/, Windpowermonthly.com, Renewablescareers.com and Earthstaff.com.

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