91% increase in wind energy jobs!

With the recession being the word on the streets it is nice to get a bit of good news. In fact, it's just nice to not have to be reminded of how bad a state the country is in. There is an air of confidence in the wind energy industry as it has seen an increase the number of jobs by 91% recently.

While everyone else is scrambling to stay afloat they wind energy industry seems to keep growing. This is great news for engineers and engineer graduates that are looking for work. There are jobs out there just waiting to be snatched up.

Overall it is looking great for the wind energy industry. Countries like Scotland have nearly a quarter of the population using renewable energy so this is a great sign for the future. The more people that get on board the more jobs that will be created.

So far it is some of the better news that has come out of 2011 thus far. Everyone is waiting on the pre-budget submission that will be released next month. This should show in better detail what we can expect for the rest of the decade and see what kind of growth they are hoping to achieve.

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