It won't be long before you find a Wicklow employment opportunity

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There are several large towns in Wicklow, including Wicklow town, Arklow and Bray, and this has created a wealth of job vacancies in the county. The best place to look for a Wicklow employment opportunity is with recruitment websites.

Websites such as Jobs, Irish Jobs and Indeed give you access to hundreds of vacancies in Wicklow. Once you've supplied the agency with a CV, you're free to apply for any of the jobs you find. It also gives employers the chance to find you when they're using recruitment agencies to source staff.

The other thing you need to do is register for email alerts of new vacancies that become available. In a competitive jobs market it doesn't take long to fill positions, and this is a great way of ensuring you're at least considered for a job.

FAS will also have a long list of Wicklow employment opportunities. You can browse through their vacancies online on the FAS website or drop into your local office. FAS is well equipped to provide you with everything you need to find a job in Wicklow. They can advise you on a range of courses you can do, including online and evening course, to improve your employment prospects. And they can offer you invaluable advice on ways to improve your CV.

Local newspapers and radio stations are another excellent source of jobs in Wicklow. Keep a close eye, and ear, on The Wickow People, The Wickow Times and South East Radio for vacancies open in the area.


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