Why not work from home?

There are loads of advantages to working from home. For starters, you save time and money by not having to commute to and from your workplace. Imagine waking up and knowing that your office is a mere few steps away! You also have much more flexibility and freedom. You can choose exactly when you want to work and for how long! It is YOU who is in control!

A good way to find work from home jobs is via the Home Worker Job website. You can filter your search by typing in key words, such as your preferred job area or your skills or experience. You can also upload your CV and be head-hunted by employers, to speed up your work from home job search!

Another great website is called Homeworking. This site is, in their own words, a source ‘for anyone wanting to work at home and anyone already working at home’. They don’t advertise work form home jobs. However they provide valuable information on whether you are suited to a work from home career and what type of job you should look for. Click on their ‘Main index link along the left-hand side of the page, and take a look at their huge library of resources, with categories entitled ‘Personal’, ‘Work’ and ‘Practicalities’.

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