Why careers for writers aren't limited to journalism

There’s more to a writing career than becoming a journalist or writing a novel. You can have a career in writing and work as an advertising copywriter or you can work for a firm as an in-house writer. Even if you choose a career as a journalist, there are so many different types of journalism to explore as careers for writers are pretty diverse.
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Writing for business

A career as a writer in the business world probably sounds fanciful. Surely writers work in the creative arts field, you’re probably saying to yourself. Not anymore. Thanks to the internet, firms are realising the power of the written word and how they can use it to breathe life into their ailing brand to improve their bottom line. Some firms take on writers who simplify the language the company uses when they communicate. A major multinational telecoms firm recently admitted that a team of writers saved them more than £500,000 in call handling time by simplifying their bills.

Broad language

Firms who need a recognisable voice, perhaps to maintain a certain brand image or to build a new one, are hiring in-house writers. The advantage here is that the writers are trained in the tone and style the firm wants them to adopt, which is harder to achieve when this type of work is farmed out to creative agencies. Some of this work will involve web writing, other forms of writing including working on broachers and marketing pamphlets.


If you’re beginning a career as a writer, the internet is a great place to get started. Working as a blogger or becoming a part time web content writer will give you the skills necessary to make the step into full time work as a writer. You may find that your blogging skills make you a great columnist or that your web content writing has been the foundation for a career in journalism.

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