Which supermarket pays the most in the UK?

If you’re thinking about a part time job at a supermarket, the pay will be the main concern. You won’t be worried about working conditions if you’re looking at doing just 12 hours a week and you won’t need to know about the company’s pension scheme if you’re not thinking of hanging around. So which supermarket pays the most in the UK?
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Moving target

This is a moving target because wages go up and down and of course the type of job you’re after will also be a factor. It could be that Tesco pay more on average to their workers but far less to their managers so we’ll have to keep things general. When you compare Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Marks and Spencer, Tesco and the Co-operative, which offer comparible retail jobs, Sainsbury’s give on average 2% more than the market rate.

Bear in mind

If you’ve decided to shut down your computer and head to your local Sainsbury’s with your CV in hand, bear in mind that staff discount from a store like this can really make a difference to your pay packet. This is another area where Sainsbury’s has the edge. Tesco gives 10% to its employees who met the criteria for time served with the retail giant. Sainsbury’s do the same, but they often have days during which the employee’s discount card gives 20% off the price of a shop.

Travel to work

The money earned has to be offset with the cost of getting to work. There’s no point travelling a long way to get a wage that’s 2% higher or a little more discount. If you’ve got a Tesco or a Morrison on your doorstep, it’s likely that the store will be where you shop and it’s also likely that working there will put the most money in your pocket.

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