Which jobs are in demand in Canada?

If you're finding employment options a little confined in the UK, then have you considered the greener pastures of Canada? This country largely escaped the global recession and is looking to import thousands of staff this year to fill their demand in 2011.

The Canadian Government has set up a "Skilled Worker Programme" which is aiming to import 20,000 workers from 29 different categories of jobs. The idea is that these foreign workers will compliment the existing Canadian workforce, filling a gap in the market.

For a list of all the eligible categories of jobs, lets take a look at the Canadian Immigration website athttp://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/apply-who-instructions.asp#list. Here you will find the list of employment options for people seeking the skilled worker visa.

Some of the category quotas have already been filled, with Restaurant and Food Service Managers, Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management, Pharmacists and Nurses no longer required as their cap has been reached.

For people who don't qualify under these options they can always apply using the Provincial Nominee programme, or else start out with a one year holiday visa. So don't lose heart if you don't qualify.

The one year working visa programme is open to any UK citizens below the age of 30. It is worth applying as soon as possible though, as there is an extremely limited number of places on the programme for each country, and once they are filled, the programme closes until the next year.

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