Where to work if you have tattoos

Visible tattoos can lead to you being turned down for work. That’s something that speakers at the London Tattoo Convention have warned UK workers over the years, but that’s not the case with every employer in the land. With some employers in the UK, tattoos make no difference to your chances of gaining employment. Under UK law, employers can refuse to hire someone because they have a tattoo, and they can ask employees to cover up any visible tattoos while at work. The law also allows for dismissal if an employee gets a tattoo so finding out where to work if you have tattoos is important.
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Prison services

Reports show that those in the prison service who have tattoos find it easier to bond with inmates. Although that’s probably true, if you’re a prison warden who needs to demand respect, visible tattoos might not be the wisest of choices.


Working in McDonalds might not appeal to everyone but they’re an example of the type of employer who is accepting of tattoos among its workers. Their regulations state that visible tattoos are fine as long as they’re not politically or racially offensive. Although any tattoo that meant to create offense could lead to dismissal or the inability to find work with the fast food chain.


The retail sector is another area that doesn’t discriminate against those with visible tattoos. Again, the tattoo has to be inoffensive if it’s seen by customers and the preference will always be for it to be covered up, but most retailers don’t share the sort of views that might stop you gaining work in a corporate office environment.

Small firms

As a general rule, the smaller the firm the more likely they are to be accepting of something like a tattoo. Small companies are made up of a tightknit group of individuals so the face doesn’t have to fit in quite the same way as it does in a larger firm.

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