Where to looks for jobs that are part time in Reading

Reading is a town with good transport links to the rest of the country and a reasonably diverse economy. Close to both urban and rural areas, there is a good variety of places to look for jobs, part time, in Reading.

Local Press

Perhaps the most obvious place to start looking for a part-time job is the local newspaper.

In Reading's case, there are two main papers: the Reading Chronicle, published on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the Reading Post, which goes out on Wednesdays and Fridays. The Reading Midweek is also delivered free to households on a Wednesday.

As well as buying a hard copy of the newspaper, job seekers can also peruse online editions of the papers, which carry full jobs listings.

The Chronicle's jobs can be viewed at Readingchronicle.co.uk. The Post's website Getreading.co.uk contains its a discrete jobs page, Reading.fish4jobs.co.uk.

Local Government

Local authorities can also be a good source of potential job opportunities. Reading Borough Council has its own website (Reading.gov.uk) where a full list of vacancies is available to view.

The opportunity exists to work in a variety of spheres with the local council, from maintenance jobs, both outdoors and indoors, right through to 'dinner lady' jobs at schools and the caring professions.


Of course, the internet makes looking for part time jobs much more convenient than it used to be.

There are a number of websites devoted to vacancies in Berkshire, with most national jobs websites having facilities which allow jobseekers to refine their job searches to more specific areas of their locality.

Some useful web addresses to bookmark are Reading-jobs.co.uk, Indeed.co.uk and Totaljobs.com, though it must be stressed that there are many more to choose from.

Job seekers may find that some websites are better for specific job areas, and should refine their search accordingly.

Employment Agencies

An employment agency often boosts chances to find work, though job seekers should be careful not to be manipulated into taking a job they don't really want because it suits the agency to place them there.

Nevertheless, agencies are especially useful for people seeking part time jobs, in Reading and elsewhere in Berkshire, as they often provide short-term, temporary opportunities, which can be ideal for jobs seekers who are not looking for full-time jobs.

Several national agencies have branches in Reading, and details of exactly where they are located can be found online, but notable names include Prime Time Recruitment, Spring Personnel and Equilibrium Employment, though there are many more to choose from.

Final Word

Additionally, the usefulness of personal contacts when finding work cannot be dismissed. Often making an enquiry in person to places of business can be a productive source of part time job opportunities, especially in the retail and catering sectors, where many vacancies are advertised by word of mouth.

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