Where to look for media jobs in London and the South East

If your job aspirations stretch a bit further than the mundane admin positions listed at your local vacancy outlet, there are many possibilities for interesting and rewarding careers. The creative industry offers a chance to develop unique skills, often working at the heart of technological innovation. Many of these posts are London-based. The key to tracking them down is understanding where to look for media jobs in London.

Media recruitment in London: your springboard into an exciting career

Looking for London media vacancies: important groundwork

Before looking further into where to look for media jobs in London and the South East, it's worthwhile taking a step back. By their very definition, media jobs sound like the epitome of job satisfaction. Typical media jobs include working in television studios, or in advertising agencies. Set against the glamorous background of the UK's largest and most cosmopolitan city, a career in the media sector is surely the ultimate vocation? The trouble is, many people will be thinking this way. You still need to carefully consider exactly what career path you wish to choose. Be aware of the wide cross-section of media jobs in the London area.

More importantly, when applying for positions, no interview panel will be impressed by someone simply gushing about how much they have dreamt of working in the creative sector. You will still need a cast iron resume, with a strong skillset tailored to each position you apply for.

Pre-application necessities

As there is traditionally a huge interest in the creative sector in the capital and surrounding area, your CV will need to stand out from the herd. There are many online agencies, such as www.cvcentre.co.uk/freecvreview.htm, who will offer free advice about strengthening this document.

Begin your media job search: online resources

Any applicant searching for media jobs can take advantage of a range of online sites. Media jobs in London gives a valuable cross-section of the sites which are out there. These are uniformly easy to navigate, and offer additional services like allowing you to upload your CV for prospective employers to browse.

Another valuable resource is www.gumtree.com/media-design-creative-jobs/london, which offers daily lists of the latest media vacancies in London. Signing-up to twitter.com is also essential, as there are numerous feeds offering the latest media vacancies.

Further assistance for obtaining media jobs in London

Before you even begin considering where to look for media jobs in London, you should be realistic about your expectations. Just because you work in the media doesn't mean you will be rubbing shoulders with those personalities so often in the media. Quite the reverse. Doing well in media jobs involves just as much hard work and dedication as any other vocation. And with many willing to go that extra mile, complacency is not on the agenda.

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