Where to look for vacancies in clothes shops

You may be looking for vacancies in clothes shops in order to further your career if you’re already in the retail trade, or you could be looking for a part time job you can do to top up your wages. No matter what your reason for looking for work, finding employment within any shop isn’t like it used to be as shops rarely advertise positions in their window.


If there’s a specific retailer you’re interested in working for, you should check out their website. Employers like ZARA list their vacancies online and allow you to apply for work without leaving the sofa. Useful tools like store locators are often found on retailers’ websites, so you’ll be able to find out if there are any stores within driving distance of your home before you go through the firm’s list of vacancies.


The store’s official site has a “join our team” button at the bottom of the homepage that leads you to their section for potential employees. There you can find out more about working for the retailer including what perks come with an Oasis job and what vacancies remain open.


This is another high street retailer who makes working for them easy. Unlike the others, they run a dedicated website for recruitment which can be found at careers.next.co.uk rather than a section of their retail site. This is the place to visit if you’re interested in anything from distribution and administration to the retail side of their operation.

Employment sites

As with most jobs nowadays, you’ll find vacancies in clothes shops advertised on websites like indeed.co.uk and monster.com, so you shouldn’t limit yourself to the retailer’s official websites. Being able to upload your CV and having a wider choice of jobs makes employment sites a must if you’re getting into retail work.

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