Where to look for part time jobs for single mums in the UK

Bringing up a child is a tough task that is a mixture of love, cuddles, worries and fears. Bringing up a child as a single parent has to be one of the hardest jobs on the planet but it’s one that 2 million people do every day in Britain. Aside from the kid’s health, the biggest worry has to be finances. We’ll tell you where the best part time jobs for single mums in the UK can be found and give you an idea of the benefits you should make sure you’re claiming.
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Benefits for working single parents

There are a few tax credits and benefits open to single parents in the UK. The In Work Credit is a financial incentive paid out to loan parents as they return to work. It’s currently worth £40 per week or £60 if you live in the capital. It’s tax free and paid out on top of your earnings to help you meet your financial commitments. It’s paid out for up to 52 weeks and it could be the sort of small but not insignificant pay out that helps improve your family’s quality of life. Income support is another benefit you should look into. All the information you’ll need on benefits can be found at gov.uk.

Work that fits in with your busy life

The biggest single challenge facing single parents who want to work is finding employment that fits into their hectic schedule. There’s not a lot of time left between feeding children, taking them to school or nursery and ferrying them to the doctors when necessary so you need flexibility. Working from home is often the key for single parents.


You’ll find a host of suitable jobs at gingerbread.org.uk. This is a site that’s tailored to single parents. You’ll find more than jobs at this site as it’s the official website for a single parent society that has been in existence since 1918. A helpline, an advice service and a forum are all featured on the site.


Another site that lists available positions for single parents is mumandworking.co.uk. There you’ll find information on part time jobs, opportunities for job retraining and work you can carry out from home. Search by region or view all jobs to see what’s available.

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