Where to look for jobs for undergraduate students

You probably don’t want to have a job while you’re studying but sometimes it’s necessary and it will give you more money to spend on nights out. The best jobs for undergraduate students are those that are linked to the course you’re studying, so you might be looking for a research position for the field in which you’re studying or an assistant role working with the sort of people you would like to work with when your studies end. Sometime those roles are harder to come by so you might find a part time position in the student union or a job in a shop puts enough cash in your pocket.

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Where to look

Today you don’t need to check newspapers and message boards for roles, which is a great relief. There are a whole collection of specialist sites you can check out including studentjob.co.uk and the very similarly named student-jobs.co.uk where you could find anything from mystery shoppers positions to international paid internships. You’ll find a wide selection of part time jobs, summer roles, internships and graduate positions at these and similar websites.

Employment sites

You’ll probably be surprised to find so many small, part time positions advertised on sites like totaljobs.com and indeed.co.uk. Putting your details on employment sites is well worth it but you should also check out recruitment agency sites.

Recruitment sites

If you’re studying to become an accountant, check out specialist recruiters like Robert Half and Hays Accountancy. Recruitment consultants like Michael Page, would be ideal if you’re looking for a job that could help you while you take a business studies course. If you degree is related directly to a vocation, use a specialist recruitment consultancy to find work.

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