Where to look for great insurance broker jobs in London

Nowadays more and more people avoid using insurance brokers for small purchases like their car and their home contents insurance, but in the capital there are still plenty of opportunities to find work in the field. Insurance broker jobs in London could mean working for one of the high street brands like A-Plan and Swinton or it could even mean a position with a prestigious firm like Lloyds of London or the JLT Group.

JLT Group

The Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group based in Houndsditch are among the world’s most prestigious insurance and brokerage firms with offices in 39 locations and 9,000 employees in all. In August 2013, the firm moved to new premises at The St Botolph building. This is where all the company’s London based teams are housed.

A-Plan Insurance

The high street insurance brokers A-Plan have two locations in London. They’re on Mitcham Road in SW17 and also on Wimbledon Hill Road in SW19. An insurance broker jobs for them in London will mean dealing with the public and brokering a great deal on car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, health insurance and possibly business insurance for those who come in off the street.


Swinton operate from two locations in London. The first is on Lewisham High Street in SW13 and the other is on High Street in W3. These are just 2 of over 400 UK branches run by the firm that has been in existence since 1957.

British Insurance Brokers' Association

You may be interested to learn that the British Insurance Brokers' Association are based in London so your skills could be used to with the UK's leading general insurance intermediary organisation. If you’re not interested in looking at anything but insurance broker positions, the organisation’s website biba.org.uk is still worth a look as it lists a host of jobs available with insurance firms associated with them.

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