Where to look for FLT CB driver warehouse op jobs in Scotland

An absolute essential requirement before anyone begins looking for a job operating any kind of industrial machinery, including forklift trucks, that they are properly qualified and trained.

Training must also be up-to-date, and it is worthwhile undertaking a refresher course if the opportunity exists, as not being correctly certificated can lead to difficulties for employers in the health and safety sphere.

Before beginning any jobs search, it also advisable to have an up-to-date and clear CV available for potential employers, whether in an electronic format or on paper. This should also include two references where possible.

Warehouse op jobs in Scotland

When it comes to the specifics of seeking FLT CB driver warehouse op jobs in Scotland, then there are a number of places to look.

By far one of the easiest ways to begin any job search is to look on the internet, with a range of websites offering employment related services.

Most national jobs websites have a page where users can mount a detailed a search for more specific, local vacancies relating to their area of skills and expertise.

One useful website for FLT operatives to begin looking is Monster.co.uk. Another handy page to bookmark is Jobrapido.co.uk, while Totaljobs.com/Scotland is also a useful source of vacancies.

Local & National Press

Local newspapers are a standard way of seeking a job for most people. Scotland has several newspapers which relate specifically to the country and not to the rest of the United Kingdom which carry warehouse operative job vacancies. Examples are the Daily Record and the Scotsman.

Local papers are a particularly useful resource, and like their national counterparts now operate online editions. Scotland's capital, Edinburgh, has an evening paper called the Edinburgh Evening News, while Glasgow, by far and away Scotland's largest city, is served by the the Evening Times. Local News Glasgow also covers the city's area.

News and vacancies for the Aberdeen area are available from the Aberdeen Evening Express and the Aberdeen Press & Journal, while Fife, a large region in its own right, is served by the Fife Herald. Other local papers can be found easily enough online or in a local newsagents. The Courier covers Tayside and Fife.

Free papers delivered to households should also not be underestimated as a good source of job opportunities, as they carry a heavy density of advertising compared to news copy.


Contacting potential employers directly can be a useful means of finding out about job opportunities, with many vacancies advertised by word of mouth.

A list of warehousing businesses for the Glasgow area can be found online at Glasgowonline.co.uk/local/Transport_and_Logistics/Storage/Warehouses/, while a similar searches can be carried out for the rest of Scotland using business directories such as 192.com and Yell.com.

When contacting a possible employer directly, job seekers should ensure that their qualifications and experience are clearly outlined. It is also essential to be polite.

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