Where to find weekend jobs for students

No matter where you’re studies have taken you, there are plenty of part time weekend jobs for students on offer. Perhaps you’ll want something that’s not taxing like a supermarket role or maybe you’ll be looking for something that can offer relevant work experience that will benefit your studies.
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International students

If you’re an international student, there’s a limit to the amount of work you can take while studying. The current laws allow students and graduates to work for up to 20 hours a week, which is perfect if you’re only after weekend work.

Where to look?

You’ll find work on sites like jobsite.co.uk and indeed.co.uk but with those jobs you’ll be putting yourself up against workers with potentially greater levels of experience than you. Specialists sites for students like studentjob.co.uk, e4s.co.uk and studentbeans.com will offer you a greater choice of weekend jobs for students, and from sites like theses you’ll be able to get more information on the sorts of job opportunities open to you while you study.

Typical jobs

You’ll need work that you can easily fit around your studies so this normally means shift work in places like pubs and restaurants. Call centres are another popular choice for students because there’s always demand for intelligent and flexible workers willing to accept a relatively low wage. Competition for these jobs is normally very fierce so get yourself a part time job as soon as you can rather than waiting for your savings to evaporate. You should also look for jobs that allow you to increase your working hours during the half term holidays.

Final word

No matter which job you take on, make sure it’s flexible. You’ll need to work somewhere with a short notice period to if you feel your studies are falling behind and you need the time back. You may also need to work somewhere that’s close to where you’re staying so that travelling to work takes the minimum of time.

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