Where to find jobs for German speakers in Ireland

If you are interested in jobs for German speakers in Ireland, you've come to the right place. Here are some great ideas and advice on where to find vacancies.

Dublin is the European headquarters for many major companies, who have by drawn by Ireland's low corporation tax and the availability of a skilled workforce with a wide range of languages spoken. For example, Facebook, Google and Youtube all have their European headquarters in Dublin.

Below are some examples of the type of jobs that are available for German speakers looking for employment in Ireland. Remember that almost all will also require advanced spoken and written English language abilities too.

  • Customer service jobs - There is a strong demand for bilingual or trilingual customer service agents, who can handle issues and inquiries from a wider customer range. This isn't always in a call centre environment - many jobs involve replying to emails or offering live help chat online.
  • Advertising jobs - Companies that target the European market need staff who can speak the local language. Usually, employees will be assigned to one market, or one language block (so a German speaker would be assigned to Germany and perhaps Austria and Switzerland).
  • Teaching jobs - You'll also find more traditional roles for German speakers in Dublin. The ability to teach German as a foreign language would really boost your chances of finding jobs in Dublin.
  • Sales jobs - Many sales teams based in Ireland target a German audience. If you're fluent in German and have a good sales technique, the potential for finding well paid work is high.

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