Where to find job vacancies in education

If you’re looking for vacancies in education, then you’re probably finishing your PGCE and want a way of putting all you’ve learned into action. There are lots of places to look for teaching jobs online. You may have already heard of some like tes.co.uk, the online version of the Times Education Supplement that’s been advertising teaching work since 1910, but you’ll probably be surprised by some of the others out there.

Council websites

Council websites are one of the best resources to use if you’re looking for work in teaching. For most people this will mean accessing the site for the county in which they live, but you may be lucky enough to live near a bordering county in which case you’ll be opening yourself up to more jobs. If you’re willing to travel for work or if you’re happy to relocate, then you’ll probably need a more general website.


TES has been the authority for over a century now so their website is one of the first you should check out. You’ll find the vacancies listed at tes.co.uk/jobs but you should also have a look around the site as there’s a useful section full of teaching resources. The news section is also worth reading as it will give you the current picture of how things are in the education sector.


Specialists recruiters like Monarch are also worth checking out. Their website monarch-teaching-jobs.co.uk list a host of vacancies that could take your eye. Depending on the time of year you’re looking, their site will be listing anything from supply teaching positions to head teacher roles.

Other sites

You might be surprised to read that general employment sites like indeed.co.uk and jobsite.co.uk also list vacancies in education. Most of the positions advertised on these sites are for supply teacher roles, but that could be exactly what you’re looking for, especially if you’re career is just beginning or if it’s winding down.

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