Where to find Christmas jobs in London

The activity and festivity of the holiday season in the UK’s commercial capital means plenty of Christmas jobs in London suddenly become available. Christmas temp jobs are a good source of extra income to cover your holiday expenses. We have compiled a few pointers to help you in your search.

Getting Ready

Attaining general certifications will serve to boost your chances. If you don’t already have a driving license, enroll for lessons and take the test. Another course you can pursue is signing up for computer classes if you are not competent in computers. These will go a long way to putting you ahead of your competition. Lastly, make sure your CV is up to date and professional looking. Try to make it as captivating as possible without over-elaborating.

Who is Hiring?

Most restaurants will be awash with revellers and will be in need of all the extra hands they can hire. It will be much the same with bars and other entertainment spots. Make a beeline for these kinds of establishments when the holiday season comes around and you could be in line for some good cash for Christmas. If you don’t mind donning a baggy red suit and fake beards, there are many shops that will need Santa at their doors and around their Christmas trees. You may need some patience to deal with over-eager kids though.

Working from Home

Should you be a housewife wanting to make an extra pound as you keep an eye on your holidaying youngsters, then you can find some jobs online. Many companies will be looking for someone to come up with festive slogans or catchy graphics for Christmas promotions. Some online Christmas jobs in London can be found in fish4.co.uk and agencycentral.co.uk.

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