Where to find career help and advice

There are many great websites out there offering invaluable career help and advice for all people and situations.

If you have just graduates and are looking to start a new career then check out;


Prospects (prospects.ac.uk) is a site specifically for graduate career information.

You can use the site to directly search for jobs as well as a great resource for a range of career help and advice.

In the careers advice section you can get tips on how to write a great CV and cover letter, job application advice, what kind of options your subject qualifies you for, plus loads more.

Another great thing about the site is the interview tests and exercises that are available to graduates.

Being prepared during an interview can be the deciding factor to whether you get the job or not.

Take the Prospects psychometric tests and see if you are ready to get out there and get your dream job!

If you already have a career but are interested making a change then you should take a look at;

Career Shifters

Career Shifters (careershifters.org) is a site aimed at people looking to make a career change.

They provide you with the inspiration and the process for you to go about to make this change happen!

Get expert advice in the form of articles and practical exercises from some of the UK's top career coaches.

Build up your confidence by reading the real life success stories of others experiencing the change.

You can also check out their online workshop section - they offer an online course for only £75 that will give you the clarity, direction and inspiration you need to make the change!

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