Where to find a temporary job this Christmas

Finding a job around Christmas time is easy because loads of retail employers look for more workers at that time of year. The restaurant and pub trade also like to bring in casual workers on temporary contracts when the Christmas season approaches. We’ll give you an idea of the sorts of employers that typically hire extra staff for the holiday season.


The obvious places to check for work include your local supermarkets and shops but don’t limit yourself here as other outlets also look for more workers over Christmas. There will be more staff needed at establish takeaway chains over Christmas too so walk into your local Pizza Express, McDonalds or KFC as they’ll be offering seasonal jobs.


If you don’t see yourself flipping burgers for Burger King or handing out Bargain Buckets at KFC, why not check out establish restaurant chains. Places like Zizzi’s, Ed’s Easy Diner and La Tasca will be looking for more staff when Christmas arrives. Christmas office parties and a general increase in trade as people enjoy time away from work produces jobs.

Warehouse staff

Getting work with a supermarket or other retailer whose trade increases over the seasons period doesn’t have to mean dealing with customers as the increased trade leads to opportunities within the warehouse. To get this sort of work you may need experience as there won’t be any time to train you.

Final word

Get started with your job search early. Most employers recognise a need for additional staff very early and they start planning for Christmas way before people have started to consider what decorations to put up in their house.

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