Where else to look for work other than the Job Centre in Peterborough?

If you are seeking work then the job centre may well seem the most obvious place to look. However, putting all one's eggs into one basket can be a risky strategy, and it is best to widen the search to maximise the chances of successfully finding a job.

The job centre in Peterborough (or Peterborough Job Centre, to give it its correct title) is a useful place to start if you are unemployed. It is where much of the lengthy process of 'signing on' for benefits begins, and there is a limited amount of support available with regards to mounting a job search.

Vacancies are also advertised at the job centre, while there are also IT facilities to enable a more advanced job search. However, limiting a job hunt to the job centre severely limits options and possibilities, and there are a number of other places that could possibly bring better results.

One resource which is always useful for job hunters is the local newspaper, in which a wide range of job vacancies in the local area are advertised. The Peterborough Evening Telegraph is the main local paper in the town, and it also operates an online edition, where users can search for jobs at Peterboroughtoday.co.uk/jobs.

An online search for jobs will also bring up several national websites which also offer vacancies in specific local areas. The Jobstoday network is one such site, and its Peterborough section can be found at Peterboroughjobstoday.co.uk.

Other useful websites include Reed.co.uk, Indeed.co.uk and Totaljobs.com, all of which allow users to search for jobs on a more specific and regional level.

Although looking online can often be profitable, a personal visit to an agency may also bring positive results, as it can be a useful way of introducing a personal touch into matters which could bring results.

Agencies which operate outlets within Peterborough town centre include Hays, which offers work in a variety of sectors, situated at Britannic House, on Cowgate in the town. Another example is Jark Industrial, located at 54, Broadway. A more comprehensive list of employment agencies in the town can be found at Agencycentral.co.uk

Of course, all jobs seekers should ensure that they have an up-to-date CV available, either electronically or on paper, to hand to any prospective employers as well as agency staff. This should include contact details for two references where possible.

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