What you need to know about part time jobs for students in London

Meeting the cost of studying is getting harder each year so student often turn to part time jobs to put some cash into their pockets but the amount of time spent studying means that the jobs can only be part time. The University of London has more students than any other university in the UK and there are lots of other universities in the capital, so part time jobs for students in London are difficult to come by. Our guide will help make that easier for you.
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Working while studying

There are thousands of part-time student jobs available in the capital but how do you make sure you’re one of the lucky few who get them? First of all, log onto sites like e4s.co.uk, jobonline.thecareersgroup.co.uk and studylondon.ac.uk to see what’s about. The internet is the most important source of information on jobs in the area, particularly if you’re new to the capital. Employment sites like fish4.co.uk, monster.com and jobsite.co.uk will advertise a host of part-time jobs that could put some pounds into your pocket while you study.

Overseas student

If you’re travelling from abroad, you’ll need to check out the UK Council for international Student Affairs’ site (ukcisa.org.uk) where you’ll find information on working when you arrive in the country. The basics are that you can work in the UK for up to 20 hours a week on a student visa as long as your visa doesn’t say “Work prohibited” or “No work”. But you should check out the site before travelling to make sure you understand your rights. The government’s site (gov.uk) is another useful source of information for those entering the country as a student.

Specialist sites

Along with the standard employment sites that will become a staple of your job searching once you’ve graduated, you should check out some of the dedicated sites like weconnectstudents.com, studentjob.co.uk and foreignstudents.com where you’ll find job boards, useful tips and hints on working while you study and message boards.

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