What you need for travel and tourism jobs

Travel and tourism jobs are a dream source of employment for many people. It's an industry that offers many different career opportunities, from tour guides and drivers to travel marketers and copy writers. What's more, many travel and tourism jobs come with travel perks - perfect for anyone who's passionate about travel.

But breaking into this popular industry can be difficult. Even unskilled positions receive more applications than similar jobs in other industries. The travel industry has a glamour about it that makes it popular with job seekers. So if you want to start working in travel and tourism, it's a good idea to follow these tips...

  • Experience counts. However, if you can't get into the industry to start to build up your experience, this can be a Catch 22 situation. The best way to go about this is to gain transferable skills in other industries and write an excellent CV that ties together your skills and experience and relates them to jobs in the travel and tourism industry. Hospitality and logistics are just two of the industries that will allow you to build up skills relevant for travel jobs.
  • Not all jobs in travel and tourism are advertised as such. For example, a job in a popular local tourist attraction may be advertised under the retail or hospitality or even marketing sectors. It's therefore a good idea to broaden your search and keep an open mind when looking - this could be a great way to break into a competitive industry.


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