What to study if you want to travel

A life of travel must be an amazing one made up of incredible new sights each day and loads of adventures. If that’s the life for you, how do you make it happen? Studying is normally a great path to new ventures so we’ve looked into what to study if you want to travel to give you an idea of what’s worth your time and effort.

Humanities, Sociology, Psychology

These three studies seem like the most obvious ones for those who want to broaden their horizons with travel. Understanding people will go a long way to helping you through your journey and these courses could easily open up most of the world to you.


This is the most obvious course to take, but which language make the most sense. Well, if you’re thinking of travelling to specific places, then you know what to learn. If you’re not then Spanish has to be the most useful language for native English speakers as more than 400 million people speak Spanish as their native tongue. Aside from Spain, the language will open you up to 19 American countries including Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay.


Degrees in engineering will always be useful no matter which countries you plan to visit. Legislation and building regulations differ from region to region and from country to country so the rules and regs learnt in the UK might not be applicable to other places. That said, the general principles will remain the same across the world.

Whatever you like

If you’re still no convinced that anything we’ve suggested is right for you, then the best advice is to pick a degree that you’ll enjoy. Taking something that you’ve got a good chance of completing is better than following a recommendation that leads to a degree that’s really not you. You can always make your degree relevant to your studies. A degree in journalism for example could easily be used as a pathway to foreign travel.

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