What to study if you want to be rich

Everyone wants to get rich quick but unless you have some brilliant idea that no one else ever had, you’ll need to work at it. One of the best ways of getting a leg up in business is to start your working life with a qualification behind you. A relevant qualification can jump you up the career ladder while others are still paying their dues. But what should you study?

Five year period

The most lucrative degree to have is law. With this qualification you’ll reach a salary of at least £42,000 within the first five years of your career. More general degrees like maths and chemistry will also lead to lucrative jobs. Degrees in either of these fields will lead you to a £38,000 in a short time. An accounting degree or a general business degree leads graduates to a salary of around £37,000 within the same time frame.

As a comparison

To give you a comparison with other degrees, the sort of cash that graduates with arts and design degrees can expect within the first five years after graduating is far less at around £25,000. Those with an English literature degree don’t fare much better as they often earn as little as £32,000. Both of these look okay though when you compare with the UK’s national average of £26,000.

Fifteen year period

The best degree courses to have for long term career prospects include economics, law and maths. The economics graduates who can expect something like £45,000 after five years can look forward to a wage of £125,000 if they stick at it for fifteen years. Law graduates, who we’re already said get something like £42,000 after five years, will earn around £112,000 when they’ve been in work for 15 years. Those with Maths degrees will earn around £122,000 when they’ve reached the same milestone.

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