What to pack for study abroad in the UK

No matter where you’re coming from there are some essentials you’ll need to pack for an academic year in the UK. Knowing what to pack for study abroad in the UK is important, but really you need to understand what can be left behind.
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You’ll need two weeks’ worth of underwear and you should also take some thermal underwear for the winter months. Wool socks are a good idea and you’ll need two weeks’ worth of other socks too. Long and short sleeve shirts, sweaters and jumpers will be needed, again for the colder months. England heats up quite nicely in the summer, so make sure you bring T-shirts too. Jeans, shorts or skirts and a belt or two should also be packed.

Coats and footwear

You’ll need at least two coats or jackets, a thin one for the warmer days and a thick winter coat too. You should also think about investing in a waterproof jacket. The weather in the UK can be quite extreme with rain and frost in the morning followed by a baking hot afternoon so you’ll need to be prepared for both extremes. The same goes for footwear so you’ll need everything from flip flops to warm lined winter boots.

Other stuff

You’ll need some of the local currency for when you land so make sure you have access to a few hundred pounds either in cash or through a payment card for some kind. Obviously you won’t get anywhere without you passport, visa and plane tickets so they’ll need packing in your carry bag or on your person. You should bring your cell phone. Even though you won’t be able to use it without running up massive charges, you should have it on you for emergencies.

Two suitcases

You should be able to fit everything into two suitcases. If you can’t do that, you’ll need to decide on which of the items we recommend you carrying are the least important to you.

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