What to do when bored at work

Doing the same thing every day for weeks on end is boring but we all have to work. Being really busy makes the time fly but there’s lots of downtime with most jobs, particularly office work. Find out what to do when bored at work so that the time passes quicker.
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Slow day at work

One of the things you can do on a slow day at work is to get organised. Why not use the downtime you have to clean up your Emails? If you use the Do it – Dump it – Delegate it method, you’ll get things up to date and in order.


Most workers never get time to sit back and admire their work. That’s normally the preserve of those who work on projects like landscape gardeners but this is something you can do when the clock is ticking slowly. Giving some thought to your performance so far this year and making notes will help when the time comes for your appraisal.

Team work

Perhaps you could use your downtime to get yourself around the office and interact with your colleagues. You’ll have to be careful not to be seen as someone without enough work or you’ll no doubt find your workload increase but this is a great opportunity to make a few rounds of tea for the team and to make yourself available when other things come up.


Downtime can also be used to learn more about the business and to understand your job a little better. This is a great opportunity to look at the company’s intranet site, read the message boards or check out your firm on Google.

Final word

The next time you’re tempted to play solitaire or to check out a news site, why not think of how you can improve your position at work by following some of the ideas offered here.

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