What sort of work from home part time jobs are there in the UK?

For some people, the thought of working from home without the support most jobs offer in the office or other workplace, would be a nightmare. For others, working from home would be a dream come true because it would get rid of time spent in traffic jams and it would mean no face to face interaction with colleagues. We’ve got a selection of possible work from home part time jobs in the UK.


We’ve all had the Emails that offer incredible job opportunities that sound too good to be true. Unfortunately, they often are not legitimate jobs but scams that promise to return you a lot of money from a small outlay. So the first thing to do before you take on any work is to research the firm you’ll be working for.

Types of jobs

There are a wide range of part time jobs you can do from home that don’t involve any financial investment. All you should need to work from home is a PC and a few spare hours. The sorts of work from home part time jobs available in the UK include freelance jobs, online tutoring, web content writing, transcription services, translation work and web-based research roles.

Pay rates

Working from home means no need to buy clothing for work and it doesn’t cost you anything in petrol, but the rates of pay are normally pretty low. Most online jobs pay you for what you produce, so there’s no sick pay. The upside is that the harder you work, the more money you make. If you are on an hourly rate though, you should check if you’re earning the national minimum wage. If not, you can challenge the employer.


As long as you live in a quiet area or you can work through your neighbour's noise, working from home is a great way of making additional money.

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