What sort of volunteer work for summer 2014 is out there?

Volunteer work can be really rewarding as helping others can give you a great sense of achievement. It can also give you the experience your CV may need to help get you the career you want. Maybe your volunteer work for summer 2014 will take you to a country you've never visited before or into an industry you would otherwise be unable to become involved in.
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Volunteer abroad

Websites like projects-abroad.co.uk list a whole host of opportunities for you to volunteer abroad. You normally have to be at least 16 years old to be accepted for a placement but you won't need any experience to be accepted for a short-term summer placement. These can be anything from 3 weeks to 3 months and they can take you to third-world nations like Cambodia and Nepal to more mainstream countries like China and Mexico.

Project types

When you volunteer you'll want to learn some new skills, experience something you couldn't at home or add experiences that can aid your CV or UCAS application. The sorts of volunteer work available can be anything from animal conservation and community welfare, to vocational pursuits like journalism and law. Sporting projects are very popular nowadays as they're so well supported by various sporting governing bodies and charities. You could improve your football skills while helping to run sporting activities with disadvantaged children in places like Ghana and Jamaica or learning coaching skills from a local trainer in South Africa.

Volunteer in the UK

Volunteer work doesn't have to take you out of the country as there are lots of special projects in the UK that are crying out for helpers. You'll get some ideas of what's out there by checking out volunteering.org.uk.

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