What part time jobs at home can you get?

Looking through a list of part time jobs at home could be a little misleading if you’re not aware of everything involved with the job so don’t jump into a position until you’ve found out everything about it. Most jobs won’t ask you to invest anything more than your time, but your time is probably precious if you’re looking to work from home so get an idea of the rates of pay and the method of pay before you commit to a position.

Types of work

Some of online part time jobs you can do at home can be carried out by anyone. You can get paid in cash or with vouchers for carrying out surveys. Anyone can apply and there’s nothing to the job except answering questions. It’s not the most fulfilling or exciting type of work but there’s money in it if you’re willing to work really hard.


You could also look at freelance work to help you cover the bills. You might be able to write well enough to earn extra cash from the web or your proofreading and editing skills could be good enough for you to find employment reviewing other people’s work. Virtual PA roles are also out there. You’ll need to be able to type a high amount of words per minute and be willing to work whenever the website’s clients need you. Graphic designers will also find work online as will those with spread sheet skills. None of these jobs pay mega-money but the more unique your skills, the more in demand you will become.

Rates of pay

The typical rates of pay for online work are not high but as you’ll be working from home, your costs will also be low. Remember, the government’s minimum wage still applies to part time jobs at home, so be prepared to question your employer if they’re underpaying you.

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