What happens with your UK pension when moving abroad?

Retiring somewhere hot where your money will go further is a dream for a lot of people but if you’re thinking of doing that, you’ll need to get your paperwork in order beforehand. We’ll tell you what happens with your UK pension when moving abroad and how to continue claiming it.
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How to claim

Everyone is sent a claim form 4 months before they reach State Pension age. If you don’t get the letter and you’ve only got 3 months left before you hit retirement age, you should get in touch with the International Pension Centre (IPC). Before you take up their time though, you should make sure that you’re eligible for a State Pension, which you can do through gov.uk.

IPC contacts

You can get in touch with the IPC through Email or on the phone. Along with your contact details and information that will identify you with the authorities, you’ll also need the international bank account number (IBAN) and bank identification code (BIC) numbers for your overseas bank account. Check out gov.uk for their contact details.

Only worked abroad

If you haven’t worked in the UK, you’ll need to claim your State Pension through the relevant authority of the country you’re in if you currently live and have worked in.

Retiring abroad

If you’re following the sun and retiring abroad, you should also get in touch with the IPC for advice. Your individual circumstances make a difference though so make sure you’re clear when you speak to an advisor. For examples if you’ve already retired and you’re moving abroad, the IPC has a different process and procedure to follow than the one followed by workers who are about to retire abroad.

Final word

The IPC is the body to get in touch with if your circumstances change or if anything happens that could affect your eligibility for a state pension. You’ll find more information on the subject at gov.uk/international-pension-centre.

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