What employers look for on social networking sites?

Social media is great for getting yourself out there and meeting new people through the web but it can also have a few downsides, particularly if your boss takes a look. While you’re trying to cultivate an image of intelligence and reliability through work, your Facebook pageand other social media pages aren’t really much good if you’re presenting that image to the world. How do you strike a balance?


Mistakes that will cost you your job

The common mistakes that people make with social media which get them into trouble with their boss include having a sick day from work which results in images which shows up on your Facebook timeline. But there are far more subtle mistakes you can make like misspelling stuff on your page. In a 2014 survey on the subject carried out by Jobsite 66% of managers said that poor grammar and misspelling would count against candidates.


Keeping your political affiliations to yourself on social media is a good idea as one in six recruiterssurveyed by Jobsite saw that as a negative. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if your social media pages include lots of images of you helping out with voluntary work or other charitable causes, you’re more likely to be considered for the position.

Positives qualities

Let’s face the fact – the percentage of Facebook pages plastered with those carrying out charitable works is incredibly small but there are other positives you can present through social media. Your professional experience, mutual connections and examples of your previous work are all things that employers look at when they consider you as a potential candidate.


We recommend that you take LinkedIn seriously as it can negate some of the negatives potential employers find on sites like Facebook. This is a social media site that you need to take seriously no matter what line of employment you’re in.

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