What are the best London hotel job agencies

If there's one type of work that's in particular abundance in London, then it's probably hotel work. England's capital city is also the capital of the hospitality industry, with literally hundreds of hotel jobs always needing to be filled. For this reason, there's a thriving market for London hotel job agencies, but which one is best?

Job agencies are companies set up specifically to put people into employment, and there are so many hotel jobs going in London at any one time, that there are a number of specialised agencies specialising exclusively in these jobs. Perhaps the biggest of these is the Hotel Jobs agency, which you can find online at hoteljobs.co.uk. This site lists all of the Hotel Jobs available in London, the UK and even some that are listed internationally. They work with major hotel groups, so they get first access to a number of prestigious hotel jobs. They are well worth a look.

Our next suggestion is to check out Hospitality Recruitment at hospitalityrecruitment.co.uk. This is another site that specialises in putting people into jobs in hotels. Their links with Thames Valley University London's School of Tourism sees this as a brilliant site for people who are looking for jobs more at the graduate end of the spectrum, as these are the type of jobs that they specialise in.

If you are looking for more of an agency that deals specifically in London jobs, then check out 1st4jobsinlondon.co.uk. This site doesn't just contain hotel jobs, but more jobs from every area, catering specifically for London. As it specialises in one city, it can often get job postings that other agencies just don't get.

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