Find Westminster City Council jobs in London today

There are plenty of terrific Westminster City Council jobs in London available that you can apply for now. Westminster City Council is one of the major employers in London, with over 4,500 people currently on its books and there are a range of great benefits you can enjoy in these jobs.

If you're lucky enough to secure a job with Westminster City Council, you can look forward to generous holidays of 23 to 30 days a year. After five years with the council, you're entitled to additional holidays.

Childcare vouchers are also available to Westminster City Council staff and make a real difference to your pay packet, considering childcare costs in the UK these days. On joining the council, you're also entitled to a local government pension scheme. This will be based on the salary band you're placed in.

And you also get access to top quality courses and training from Westminster City Council, which are invaluable to your career development.

You can view the full list of vacancies available with the council on the Westminster City Council website. There's tonnes of information on working with the council there that you might find useful, including stories from current staff members and requirements for working with the council.

Westminster City Council usually run their vacancies in the national newspapers, so it's a good idea to closely monitor these when you're job hunting in Westminster. Social care jobs are some of the most common vacancies with Westminster City Council and offer attractive salaries of £25k to £35k.


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