Are you interested in Westminster City Council jobs and vacancies?

Westminster City Council jobs and vacancies can be found within various departments of the council. They include chief executives, deputy executives, children and young people, adult and community services, resources, city management and schools.

All of the current vacancies with Westminster City Council are advertised on the Westminster City Council website. The vacancies are listed in an easy to use list with links bringing you to additional information on each job.

You can complete the entire job application process online and get tonnes of information of working with Westminster City Council, such as stories from staff and salary rates.

Westminster City Council jobs and vacancies are also advertised in the national newspapers, so keep a watchful eye on these if you're interested in securing a job with the council.

And job search websites, including Total Jobs, Job is Job and My London Jobs, will be among the first to hear of vacancies with the council. Register for email alerts of new vacancies with Westminster City Council and you'll be able to get your name in first for positions.

There are many benefits you can enjoy working with Westminster City Council. One of the key benefits is access to a local government pension scheme, which is based on your salary band. Additional benefits include generous holidays of 23 to 30 days a year, a childcare voucher scheme and easy access to a wide range of courses and training you can do with the council to ensure your career develops as you had hoped.


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