Where to look for Westminster city council jobs

Are you living in London and have always wanted to take on a job that makes an actual difference to people's lives? Westminster City Council is a brilliant option for people looking to get involved with working for the local government, and in this blog we are going to show you your options for Westminster city council jobs.

Like all local councils, Westminster has an unbelievable array of jobs for you to take on at any one time. They look after one of the busiest boroughs in all of London, so there is always a number of jobs that need to be filled. To find out about their current vacancies, all you need to do is take a gander at their site at westminster.gov.uk/services/jobsandcareers and click on the Jobs Vacancies tab.

Westminster City Council looks after a range of vital services in the area from refuse collection to parking meters and community projects. They employ a staff of over 4,500 people in a myriad of different roles, all aimed at improving the day to day life of people in London. Like any other civil service job, you will also enjoy a huge number of perks if you take on a job at the council.

These include generous annual leave of between 23 and 30 days a year, reduced costs on public transport, use of excellent childcare facilities at discounted rates, access to a free employee assistance hotline, and access to their unrivalled pension scheme. Check them out today for a brilliant new career in London!


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