Check out the security jobs at Westfield Stratford

The Westfield Stratford City shopping development is nearly complete. Units have begun to be handed over to retailers at the 1.45 billion pounds complex, which will become Europe's largest urban shopping centre. With a catchment area of over four million customers, Westfield Stratford security jobs are becoming available.

Big names snapping up retail space include John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Topshop, Next and Waitrose. John Lewis is already beginning to recruit the 750 staff that will man it's store, and a number of these jobs will be in security.

To work as a security officer you must have a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence. It is a requirement for all security officers to undertake security training to obtain the SIA licence. Candidates must also undergo strict reference and security checks.

Once you have your licence you can start searching for Westfield Stratford security jobs in a variety of ways. If you are interested in working directly for Westfield, you can visit the Westfield Careers website.

If you are currently unemployed and looking to get into Westfield Stratford security jobs, then go to your local JobCentre Plus office to register your interest.

With recruitment starting in earnest, local newspapers and radio stations will carry advertisements for security vacancies in Westfield. For city residents, local job brokerage offices such as Newham Workplace, Worknet and Skillsmatch will give you advice on finding security jobs in Westfield Stratford.

Jobsites like jobrapido.co.uk and jobisjob.co.uk will also carry up to date listings of security vacancies in Westfield. Specialised recruitment agencies like Police Information Security can take some of the hard work out of finding security jobs.

Recruitment in Westfield Stratford security jobs is on the up. Don't miss the boat and start applying today.

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