Jobseekers! The Western Mail Jobs Page and the South Wales Echo Jobs are Online!

The Western Mail newspaper is well known in Wales for its large classifieds section and selection of jobs. Likewise, many jobseekers have found great positions advertised in the South Wales Echo. Although in years past, all jobs were found in print media or through word of mouth, nowadays most jobseekers search online to find available positions. The Western Mail has responded to these needs and both the Western Mail jobs page and the South Wales Echo job vacancies can now be found online in a one-stop jobs site that is continuously updated.

Don't let other jobseekers get the edge by waiting for the newspaper to read job announcements. To get from recruitment copy to print typically takes a week or more, depending on print deadlines. But placing that same copy online can be done within a day. A jobseeker who spots the online advertisement can submit a CV and have an interview before the job is even advertised in the paper, so the introduction of the Western Mail jobs and South Wales Echo online job vacancies site was a welcome addition.

All jobs advertised in the papers -- and more that are not -- are placed on the JobsWales website for easy searching. For example, if you were interested in jobs at the newspaper Western Mail, jobs in South Wales, or general jobs in the manufacturing industry, you can search easily and quickly for each of these specific segments within the site by adding keywords, searching industries and locations.

There are nearly 2,000 jobs on the site at the time of writing so chances are that your perfect opportunity awaits!

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