Thinking of looking for a Wembley job?

Fancy getting yourself right into the thick of the biggest sporting and musical events in the UK? If so, then have you ever considered working at Wembley Stadium? This historic venue needs an army of staff to help keep the many events held there running smoothly, so if you are interested in getting yourself a job there then keep reading as we check out the best places for you to find a Wembley Stadium job.

Ever since it re-opened to the public in 2007, Wembley has hosted some of the biggest musical events in the world, as well as the stars of the NFL, the Champions League Final, and numerous FA Cup finals. With 90,000 people in attendance for these events, an average of 5,000 staff are needed every time the stadium opens.

To get an idea of the kind of jobs available to you, we suggest checking out the official Wembley Jobs page on their site at wembleystadium.com/Organisation/Jobs.aspx. This site will give you an indication of the kind of roles available to you, and where you need to apply to get considered for them. A thing worth noting about these Wembley jobs is that they are casual in nature due to the irregular scheduling of events at the stadium, so you will only really be required according to the calendar of events taking place.

The English FA also have their headquarters at Wembley Stadium and they have a fantastic recruitment page on their site at thefa.com/TheFA/WhoWeAre/JobsatTheFA. The FA generally have a host of opportunities available around the UK, so it is well worth keeping an eye on their site to see what becomes available.

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