Well paid careers - Freelance copywriting

Do you know that one of the most well paid careers of all time is freelance copywriting? This career is really a subset of the industry of advertising.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of writing copy that sells. This is also known as direct response marketing. Claude Hopkins of 'Scientific Advertising' states copywriting as salesmanship in print, and this cannot be truer.

How to qualify as a copywriter

Working in an advertising agency

If you want to start your career working for someone else in an advertising agency, having a degree in an area such as Mass Communications is a great help.

Freelancing as a copywriter

If you would rather work for yourself, it doesn't matter so much what certification you possess. What matters more is your actual skill; the skill of writing copy that sells products.

Where do you get this skill? The highest paid freelance copywriters actually studied copywriting on their own; by reading and studying the work of masters before them.

Who are the masters of copywriting?

They are Claude Hopkins, John Caples, Victor Schwab, Robert Collier, Gary Halbert, etc.

How to get paid for writing copy

One of the most lucrative forms of copywriting is direct mail marketing. The 'junk mail' is a good example of that. The copywriter creates the entire package of a direct mailing and is paid in a four to five digit amount for that one-time effort. A proven copywriter (one who has written control packages) may be paid royalties in addition to that.

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