Find out all you need to know about Welder Jobs in Australia

There is a real shortage of skilled labour in Australia. Welder jobs in Australia are available for applications as diverse as jet engine manufacture, bridge building, laying cross country pipelines, underwater welding and fabricating equipment in exotic materials such as titanium.

Prospects for people with welder jobs in Australia are excellent. The skills and qualifications obtained by individuals in the UK are valid in Australia. These include, National Vocational Qualifications and City & Guilds Certificates.

A land of opportunity awaits you, but strict formalities are required to immigrate to or work in Australia. Immigration can be a complicated process so it is recommended you get professional advice and contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia.

Many people have kick-started their careers in Australia by going initially on a holiday visa. During their stay they have been successful in finding sponsors offering full time work and they subsequently qualified for working visas.

Alternatively, people can apply for Working Holiday Visas which allow travellers to visit Australia for up to two years, giving them ample time to secure sponsors.

Whatever avenue you wish to take, you can be sure that welder jobs in Australia offer a challenging and rewarding career. There are great opportunities for advancement in the sector.

Welders with an aptitude for organisation or management can be promoted to supervisors and training instructors. Others might become self-employed and with time start their own businesses.

Low unemployment, continuing shortages of candidates and the ongoing strength of the mining and resource sector is ensuring welder jobs in Australia. A qualification in welding will give you a good platform in Australia for the future.

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