Looking for weekend work in Nottinghamshire?

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Are you looking for weekend work in Nottinghamshire? Weekend jobs are an excellent way to make some extra cash. There are plenty of positions available in Nottinghamshire. Finding the latest job vacancies will require a lot of effort and patience but hopefully will be worth your while.

Before you go job hunting you need to make sure that your CV is looking its best. Ensure your contact details haven't changed and that your most recent job is on it. Also keep an eye out for spelling or grammar mistakes.

Now that you're CV is perfect, you need to find some job vacancies. To find weekend work, we suggest you walk through town with a bunch of CV's and hand them into companies that interest you.

There is a good chance that you will find weekend work in retail. You could apply for jobs in some of the local shopping centres. The Victoria Centre has 120 shops and is definitely worth checking out. You will find loads of fashion outlets, chemists, department stores and restaurants all under one roof. Retail assistants usually won't earn too much more than the national minimum wage but might be entitled to a Sunday premium.

Nottinghamshire has a vibrant nightlife and you can find weekend work in some of the local bars or clubs. Be aware, that you will be expected to work until the early hours of the morning during weekends. A bar person could expect to earn from £6 to £7 an hour. Drop into some bars in the area and see what they have to offer.


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