We look for the best weekend jobs in Nottingham

One of the main problems that many people seem to have when searching for weekend jobs in Nottingham is the fact that they are over reliant on the online job sites. While these sites are fine for full time work, even if the market is a little oversaturated now at this stage, they are not particularly useful when it comes to searching out weekend jobs in Nottingham.

Since the majority of the available part time jobs in the area never make it as far as the internet, you're going to need to get out there yourself and make enquiries as to which businesses are hiring and which aren't. While this might sound a little prehistoric to you, the fact is that it's much easier to drum up a relationship with a potential employer by taking this approach, therefore giving yourself a much better chance of being successful in your search for work.

Most positions suitable for weekend jobs in Nottingham tend to be working as sales assistants in the retail sector. While this is a minimum wage job, and therefore pays £5.93 per hour, it is very enjoyable since you'll get to deal with the general public on a daily basis - perfect for anyone with an outgoing personality!

With so many potential opportunities out there for those of you looking for weekend jobs in Nottingham working in the retail sector, you're going to need a gameplan to make the most of your time, so we recommend you take a look at the stores found within the following shopping centres;

  • Victoria Centre, 222 Victoria Street
  • Exchange Arcade, Exchange Arcade
  • Broadmarsh Shopping Centre, 24 Broad Marsh, City Centre


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