Weekend jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne

Many openings exist for weekend jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Emerging from a period of industrial decline, that lasted for many decades, Newcastle upon Tyne has become a vibrant European city of arts and culture, attracting many visitors to the north of England. The city centre has been transformed, especially along the banks of the River Tyne.

On Gateshead Quays are the Baltic contemporary arts centre and Norman Foster's Sage music centre. Other attractions include the Life Science Centre, the Laing art gallery and Seven Stories, the new Centre for Children's books. Weekend jobs opportunities exist in all the above venues.

On Newcastle's Quayside, a landscaped promenade, public sculpture and pedestrianized squares have paved the way for many fashionable bars and restaurants which can be found close to the Millennium Bridge, the world's first tilting span, which pivots to allow ships to pass. Many weekend jobs are available in the aforementioned bars and restaurants.

Newcastle upon Tyne also has the largest shopping centre in Europe. The Metro centre opens daily until 9pm. There are over 330 shops in the centre and 50 restaurants, bars and cafes. Weekend jobs can be found there, but it will require walking around and asking.

All the shops need extra staff at the weekend as does the hospitality sector. Sales assistants, bar staff, waiters, waitresses, chefs, and kitchen staff are in great demand due to increased consumer activity throughout the whole weekend.

Weekend jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne are advertised in the local paper, on company websites such as River Island, Tesco, Next and Marks and Spencers and on local employment agency websites.


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