Finding weekend jobs in Leicester could be easier than you think

With so many people out of work and competing for the same small number of positions, it's no surprise that it's not as easy as it used to be to find weekend jobs in Leicester. However, it's not all doom and gloom because there are still plenty of vacancies available out there if you know where, and most importantly how, to find them.

Rather than looking for work online, which has become something of a dead end due to the large volume of people who use the major job sites on a daily basis, we recommend that you take the old fashioned approach and identify the businesses you would like to work for, before handing in your CV to the manager.

Your best chance of finding weekend jobs in Leicester will come in the retail sector - specifically from the many supermarket chains in the Leicester area right now.

The most common positions for weekend staff in these supermarkets tends to be either working as a cashier, or on the shop floor stocking items. While neither position is particularly glamorous, they do offer quite flexible hours and are ideally suited to anyone looking for weekend jobs in Leicester.

Both of these positions pay £5.93 per hour on a part time basis, however if you impress you may well be offered the opportunity to turn the part time work into full time work down the line, making these positions a very worthwhile option.

In case you're not sure of their locations, we have listed some of the major Leicester supermarkets here for your convenience;

  • Sainsburys, 58-62 Humberstone Gate
  • Morrisons, 9 Counting House Road
  • Iceland, 12-14 Belgrave Gate
  • Tesco, 40 Granby Street
  • Co-Operative Food, 16 Kemble Square

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